I loved the accountability I received with this program! The meals were super easy, basically no brainers, and light on my wallet. The simple HIIT program was also easy to catch on to. HIIT and quit it literally! But EFFECTIVE! I shed I inches in no time. I remember I got on the scale and realized I could see my toes without the need to lean forward to see over my stomach! I didn’t even care what the scale said(within a few weeks I was down almost 10lbs!) at that point because that in it’s self spoke volumes! In the beginning I was a little hardheaded and I still got RESULTS!! Now that’s an awesome program! Not suggesting hardheaded behavior though! I am not where I want to be but I am definitely far from where I used to be! Thank you Conrad for believing in, pushing, and rooting for me even from a distance! This program is the bomb dot com!kamiachange


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