The Ultimate 1-Year Body Transformation Program

Create a Lean, Well-Built, Healthy Physique in Under a Year!

We're building a Community of Body Transformation Stories like never before...and you DESERVE to be one of them!

"Eight consistent weeks is all it took!"

"My cholesterol is down and my arms are more ripped than they’ve ever been! If there’s one thing Conrad hits home, it’s that nutrition is everything. Anytime I had questions, he was able to provide immediate support. Seriously…if you can’t find a local trainer, Online Coaching with this guy is the way to go!" Davion G, Atlanta

"12 pounds in three weeks!"

"I remember I got on the scale and realized I could see my toes without the need to lean forward to see over my stomach! I didn’t even care what the scale said (within a few weeks I was down almost 10lbs!) at that point because that in itself spoke volumes! This program is the bomb dot com!" Kamia, J, Warner-Robbins 

 FROM FLAB TO FIT - This All-Natural, Drug-Free Program will Transform Your Body Through High Intensity Workouts & Fat Burning Nutrition:  


Burn the Fat. Before we can begin sculpting your physique, we first have to get rid of the fat. Stage I is dedicated to rapid, SAFE, weight loss (3 to 5 Pounds Per Week) based on modern, high-intensity cardio exercises. No Gym Required! 


Create the Muscle. Time to hit the weights! Combine the fat-burning methods of Stage I with proven, weight-training techniques guaranteed to ignite the lean muscle mass growth necessary for continued fat burning.


Sculpt Your Physique! Complete your Transformation and claim your new Dream Body! Achieve peak physical shape and become an expert in the art of Fitness Lifestyle. You will now know how to maintain your physique for the long-term and beyond!

On-Demand Video Messaging

 Everyday life can be hectic, and sometimes implementing all the necessary components of a Fit Lifestyle can be overwhelming.  

This is why Premium Members can use a special mobile app to send me Video Messages throughout the day for a much quicker, personalized response to any questions, concerns or customizatios needed for their Training.

Whenever you’re having moments of doubt, weakness or uncertainty when we aren't training, you can reach out to me for an immediate solution and Motivational Support! 

Think of it as a “Personal Trainer on Demand!" 😉

A Year of Exercise & Nutrition

Take the guesswork out of Proper Form and Technique for the next 12 months. Access Video Demonstrations to over 50 of the most effective Fat-Burning, Muscle Building Workouts. Breakfast through Dinner is laid out for you each month with an evolving Meal Plan loaded with options!

A Lifetime of Unity & Teamwork

With my Exclusive Network, you get acess to Live Weekly Q&As, Transformation Contests (with amazing prizes) and Community Support from our private Fitness Lifestyle Facebook Group! Break through plateaus and stay on track with a team of people all on the same journey as you!  

"I created “My Fitness Jouney" as a 1-Year Program simply because Transformations are a whole different ballgame than losing 10 to 20 vanity pounds. They are a Commitment. They are a Lifestyle."

Conrad Hilaire - Online Personal Trainer

Despite what you may have tried, creating the dream-body you’ve always wanted can be done COMPLETELY naturally...

You DON’T need any dangerous pills, potions or powders to get there!

This Program Contains:

No Fat Burners or Metabolic Stimulants

No Perfomance Enhancing Supplements

No Drugs, Synthetic Hormones or Steroids 

Just an All-Natural 1-Year Fitness Program to Achieving a Lean, Well-Built, Healthy Physique!

Stop staring at the scale (or the mirror) in frustration and start finding your motivation to move! 

Here's What Some of Our Current Members Have to Say:

I was a little concerned about my form during workouts, but the video demonstrations in the program allow me to perform them comfortably and with confidence. I finally feel like I’m on the right path to building the physique I’ve always wanted! Stefanie C, Seattle 

My biggest challenge was nutrition. I appreciate the fact that the Meal Plan system let's me easily customize my options. The video demonstrations make learning the exercises REALLY easy, lessening the need for me to meet with a trainer. Thanks Conrad! Jean D, New York

Having a '"Trainer on Demand" is the ultimate assist. Being able to customize my training and diet while keeping track of my progress also made a world of difference. Do as the program says and you WILL have success! Ryan, Boston

I was 4 weeks away from a bikini competition and I needed a quick way to shed that “hard to get rid of” fat. I also didn’t want to use any dangerous fat burners or stimulants. Conrad’s Approved Foods List introduced me to specific “fat burning foods” that not only helped me to reach my body fat goal, but it helped me get in the best shape of my life! Thanks Coach!!! 

Chanell O, Atlanta

Here's My Promise: Quick-fix, supplement heavy, hormone-induced ways to achieve your body goals aren’t worth the health risks. My coaching will never require any pills, potions or powders that claim immediate results for carefully crafted solutions. 

In other words…you’re in good hands.

I look forward to being the Personal Guide on your Fat Burning, Muscle Building Journey!

Conrad Hilaire - Online Personal Trainer

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