Training, for me, has always been hard to stick with and the results came way too slowly. I even went through a phase where all I did was spend money on supplements thinking they would make a difference. With Conrad, I was able to stay on track and see results WAY faster than in the […]

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Ebonee Clarke

I love Conrad’s HIIT program. I have tried to lose weight many times before and this program is the only one where I began to see results immediately. I couldn’t believe how much more energy I had throughout the day and how much my stamina had increased. The emails he sends are so inspirational and […]

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Stephanie C.

Wow…it really is convenient to have “all day access” to a trainer every day of the week! I tried working with 2 different trainers in the past 5 years and it seems like their attention is only yours during a session. Conrad is all the way on the East Coast and he manages to keep […]

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I was 4 weeks away from a bikini competition and I needed a quick way to shed that “hard to get rid of” fat. I also didn’t want to use any dangerous fat burners or stimulants. Conrad’s Approved Foods List introduced me to specific “fat burning foods” that not only helped me to reach my […]

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8 consistent weeks is all it took. My cholesterol is down and my arms are more ripped than they’ve ever been! If there’s one thing Conrad hits home, it’s that nutrition is everything. Anytime I had questions, he was able to provide immediate support. Seriously…if you can’t find a local trainer, Online Coaching with this […]

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Jean D.

My biggest challenge was nutrition. I appreciate the fact that the Meal Plan system allows me to easily customize my options. The video demonstrations in the app make learning the exercises REALLY easy, lessening the need for me to meet with a trainer. Thanks Conrad!

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