The Pros & Cons of Counting Calories

Does counting calories make that much of a difference?  In this video, we’ll explore the ups & downs of managing calories, and whether counting them is even necessary to begin with.

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The Easiest Nutritional Guidelines Ever

Years of scientific research and evidence have given us examples of what a human diet should look like for minimizing body fat and maximizing muscle growth, regardless of what tweaks are made. Nonetheless, our timelines are forever flooded with questionable claims and unanswered questions about how to eat to achieve this goal. If you really […]

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Recipe: Lean Lime Chicken

An Asian inspired dish that is easily one of my personal faves.  Protein: 30g; Fat: 3g; Carbs: 14g; Calories Per Serving: 190.

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Recipe: Egg White Spinach Breakfast Wraps

Egg White Spinach Breakfast Wraps are what happens when your favorite fast food breakfast item gets a complete nutritional makeover.

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Sweet Potato Protein Muffins

Most muffin recipes require white flour, sugar,oil and dairy. These Sweet Potato Protein Muffins on the other hand are free of these ingredients and are packed with nutrients, vitamins & minerals!  With 13 full grams of protein per serving, enjoy one with a nutritious breakfast or with your post-workout recovery meal!

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Recipe: Whole Wheat Tortilla Burger Wraps

If there’s one thing I love about Mexican-inspired food, it’s the flavor. Fresh cilantro, spicy jalapenos and rich avocados not only taste great, but they are the perfect fitness-friendly ingredients for Whole Wheat Tortilla Burger Wraps!

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