Download This Killer Arm Workout for Size and Definition

This biceps & triceps workout combines warm-up calisthenics, high-rep ranges and intense supersets for maximum arm sculpting!

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3 Proven Ways to Maximize Fat Burn During Exercise

If your immediate fitness goal is to lose weight, there’s a considerably greater learning curve when it comes to incorporating nutrition. Getting your food-game together requires research, trial and error unless you have a dedicated full-time fitness coach. Luckily, the fat-burning plan of action with your exercises in the gym (or at home) is much less complicated. 

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Fitness for Beginners: Should You Start With Weights, Cardio or Both?

Choosing the right Workout Plan can be difficult if you’re new to Fitness. Should you start with cardio? Should you start with weights? What about both? If your goal is to create a lean, well-built, healthy physique, then the answer may surprise you…

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8 Home Gym Essentials for An Incredible Physique

Sports clubs and gyms provide convenient access to resistance training equipment you wouldn’t otherwise keep in the house. Thankfully, the retail market today provides an abundance of inexpensive home-workout accessories that don’t take up a lot of space. Whether you’re looking to start a new workout program at home, or grab some extra equipment for […]

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5 Success Tips for the Weight Training Novice

Weight training has been the foundation of my workout regimen since I began at the young age of 15. Back then however, I had very little guidance and no formal training. If I took the time to educate myself in the beginning, I would’ve made much quicker gains in a shorter period of time. “If I […]

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Home Workout: Triceps & Abs

This Tricep & Ab workout routine combines 5 different exercises with a few home-gym accessories for a RIDICULOUS muscle burn.

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