More than two-thirds of adults in The United States are considered to be overweight or obese. To combat this epidemic, the greatest contribution I can offer is the knowledge and experience I have gained living a Health & Fitness Lifestyle for over 15 years.

When I made the decision to eat a clean, balanced, minimally processed, nutrient rich diet, all the results I wanted finally arrived. Once I educated myself on the science behind Nutrition, my body fat started to steadily drop, but never at the expense of any muscle mass. My skin started to look better. My performance in the gym became more efficient. I felt faster…stronger…healthier.  I cracked “The Complete Nutritional Code,” and have been experimenting with it ever since…

I’m not a competitive bodybuilder or a fitness model.  I’m just a guy from Long Island who is passionate about transforming lives through a healthy, active and happy lifestyle. So if you’re looking for a quick-fix, supplement heavy, hormone-induced way to achieve your body goals, I’m probably not the guy for you. If you’re ready to start caring about your health however, and relish in what happens when you do – which is feeling great and looking amazing – then welcome!

I’m excited to share my knowledge and experience about this Lifestyle with the world, and I humbly thank you for stopping by. I hope the wide array of information on my platform can help you transform into the most well-built, healthiest, leanest, fittest version of yourself you can be!

Yours in Health,
Conrad Hilaire
-Body Transformation Coach / Online Personal Trainer-


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