8 Home Gym Essentials for An Incredible Physique

Sports clubs and gyms provide convenient access to resistance training equipment you wouldn’t otherwise keep in the house. Thankfully, the retail market today provides an abundance of inexpensive home-workout accessories that don’t take up a lot of space. Whether you’re looking to start a new workout program at home, or grab some extra equipment for the days you don’t have time (or the means) to get to the gym, check out these 8 Home Gym Essentials.

1. Adjustable Dumbbells
I say adjustable because who needs an entire rack of weights taking up space in their home? Depending on the brand, you can set the weight from as low as 5lbs to as high as 200lbs, entirely on a set of just 2 handles. They can be applied to just about any exercise, isolation or compound, and there they come in a wide variety, from the cheap to the boutique. The product shown in the picture above is my personal favorite, the Bowflex® SelectTech® 552 Dumbbells which you can find here on Amazon.

2. Resistance Bands
Resistance Bands
These simple chords can be brought anywhere, are easy to store and provide a similar resistance to the cable machines found in most gyms. Like dumbbells, the versatility of exercises you can come up with is only as limited as the imagination. Companies like TRX have revolutionized the way we use resistance bands by providing a variety of bands that allow you to workout from head to toe. They are probably one of the cheaper fitness gear items you could pick up so click here to browse through a selection of resistance band products and find the one that’s right for you.

3. Universal Bench
If you’re creative enough, you could probably find enough furniture in your home for you to lay flat on your back, on a decline/incline or even sit up straight. But considering how much stability (and comfort) is required when focusing on resistance training, I would highly recommend a Universal Bench. Just make sure that it’s 2 to 3 feet wide and solid. I would also suggest one that has an area to place your ankles in a decline position for those days you plan on doing an ab routine.

4. Ab Wheel/Ab Roller
Speaking of abs, let’s talk about this amazing invention for a second. It can be easy to fall into the “all I do is sit-ups” trap, and there’s nothing worse for building muscle than doing the same type of exercises repeatedly without switching up the angles. For something that works the abdominals so well though I’m surprised more gyms don’t carry an Ab Wheel. It can put a little stress on the lower back for newbies, so be sure to strengthen up your core with hyper-extensions and dead-lifts before jumping on this awesome, space saving device.

5. Chin Up Bar
One of the most available types of Fitness Equipment you can buy, Chin Up Bars range anywhere from $10 to $40 depending on the quality. They are also extremely versatile. You’re going to be hanging from this thing doing pull-ups, chin-ups and leg raises for your abs, as well as locking it on the ground for ab, chest and tricep workouts. I suggest reading up on reviews for different chin-up bars to ensure you buy one known to support a lot of weight without breaking.

6. Swiss Ball
swissballvarrietyAlthough I think that these are somewhat overused, there are folks with results who swear by them, so why not? They definitely can add a little variety to your core stabilization workouts. Medicine Balls actually come in some pretty cool designs that can accent your fitness space pretty nicely. Click here to browse Medicine Balls.

7. Jump Rope
It definitely takes some practice, but exercise jump roping is great whether you’re looking to do HIIT or slow and steady cardio. As opposed to the usual treadmill or elliptical at the gym, extended periods of jump rope will build your calves, forearms, shoulders, and of course, will shed plenty of fat. One of the least expensive out of all the items found in this list for cardio, you can pick one up just about anywhere for a measly $5. Simple.

8. Exercise Mat
Push-ups, sit-ups, bicycle crunches….there’s a whole lot of exercises to do on the ground. Although laying down on a carpet can be okay, a hardwood floor isn’t the safest or most comfortable surface for your back. To alleviate the pressure of hard flooring while working out, grab an exercise mat for under $20 on Amazon or Dick’s Sporting Goods.

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