3 Proven Ways to Maximize Fat Burn During Exercise

If your immediate fitness goal is to lose weight, there’s a considerably greater learning curve when it comes to incorporating nutrition. Getting your food-game together requires research, trial and error unless you have a dedicated full-time fitness coach. Luckily, the fat-burning plan of action with your exercises in the gym (or at home) is much less complicated. 

You don’t need pills, potions or powders to make this happen. No matter what your fitness routine is, here are 3 proven methods to consider for achieving consistent, daily fat burn.

1. High Intensity Interval Training

Say goodbye to those long, boring sessions of slow, steady cardio. Recent studies have shown that HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training, is the more effective way to burn fat quickly. Sure, you’ll lose weight just running or biking for hours, but doing cardio for long periods wears you down. Just look at the typical difference between a marathon runner and a sprinter:

All of this long, steady-state cardio can cause muscle catabolism: the breakdown of muscle tissue. This can sometimes last up to a full week after a long endurance exercise. The other problem is that it can take up to 20 minutes for your body to reach a fat-burning stage, and by that point many people, especially beginners can grow tired or bored.

Muscle tissue is what burns the most calories in our bodies, so regardless of whether you’re trying to lose weight for the first time or you’re an advanced athlete, it’s better to incorporate HIIT workouts to promote the muscle growth necessary for increased calorie burn and quicker fat loss.

2. Calisthenics

This is also known as “body-weight training,” and as the name implies, no weights or equipment are typically needed. If there’s any basic furniture like a chair, stool or bar in the mix then you can get more creative. While I typically recommend that men over 25% body fat and women over 30% body fat should stay away from any kind of resistance training, calisthenics can effectively be used as a complete fat-burning regimen.

If you are weightlifting, the easiest way to incorporate more fat burning intensity is to warm up and cool down with calisthenics that match the muscle group exercise.

25 Pushups before and after your chest workout
4 sets of Wide Grip Pull Ups before and after your back workout
4 sets of Dips before and after your triceps workout
A set of Air-Squats before and after your leg workout

You can also try The Top 7 Exercises I Recommend for HIIT that make full use of body movements with minimal resistance.

3. Short Breaks 

Intensity doesn’t just apply to HIIT. No matter what the regimen, intensity always refers to the same thing: short rest periods in between exercises.

So unless otherwise advised by a doctor…push yourself! The worst thing you can do for the fat burning process is to take long breaks. The longer your breaks, the slower your heart rate and the further you drop out of the fat burning zone. When your breaks are short however, you force your body through the fatigue, which promotes muscle growth, an elevated heart rate, increased fat burn, and most importantly – finishing your workout in a short amount of time! 🙂

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